La CASA zig zag earrings

Sterling Silver Ag 925/1000, Weight approx. 3,40 g.

La CASA / house /

It signifies a happy life, a protective shield, security and a threat, because everyone has their own way of perceiving their shelter and their ingrained ideas of an ideal home.The new La CASA jewelry collection is based on the morphology of a family house, with the shape depicting the roof as a symbol of home and protection. This shape grounds and adds a feeling of security and warmth. The broken shape of the line uses the aspect ratio according to the golden ratio and provides a wide range of possibilities for combining ideal proportions between two side lengths. Wearing of multiple pieces of the minimalistic jewelry from this collection allows variable, dynamic and original combinations. The shape of the light-reflecting roof enhances the glossiness of the material and multiplies the perception of changing line lengths. Different lengths of division according to the golden ratio create an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious impression. The golden ratio has been used by artists in their works since the Renaissance and can also be seen in nature, its use in combination with minimalist design and noble material gives the jewelry from the new collection a timeless quality.

I recommend cleaning it with a silver cleaner, such as Hagerty Silver Cloth.

4,800 Kč