Fleya - pendant ´Ads´

Recycled Silver ´Ecosilver´ Ag 925/1000.

Add-on pendants designed for the FLEA collection.

It is an add-on solitaire element for earrings labeled ´Add-on´. Attaching the pendant to the earrings is not difficult, but it requires a little patience.

Additional pendants have a small eyelet, and the pendant fits into each slot and needs to be moved to the destination where it will hang. The grooves ensure the location's stability and prevent the pendant's loss.

The pendant is designed to be changeable and best kept on an earring, but that doesn't mean it's indestructible. The best way to prevent loss is to put the earring away in situations where it is likely to be lost. For example, when undressing or dressing, during sports, bathing, sleeping, etc.

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