Fleya - pearl necklace

Sterling Silver Ag 925/1000. Weight approx. 8,60 g. Length approx. 42 cm. 

The Fleya collection is inspired by the corrugated material often used in architecture, either as a roof or cladding material. It is a loose continuation of the previous ´La Casa´ collection. Regular surface bending is a supporting and aesthetic element of the entire collection.

Alternating ridges and grooves create structural integrity that increases the overall durability of the material. This strength and durability are also transferred to the wearer.

The sense of regular folding of the waves gives individual jewelry dynamic energy and a radiant character. Radiance represents hope. The jewelry from the Fleya collection is our record of the dynamic alternation of hope and experience.

The collection is enriched with pearls, which bring the value of purity and transformation to jewelry.

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3,600 Kč