ULTIMATE ear cuff mini- Recycled Silver

Recycled Silver ´Ecosilver´ Ag 925/1000, Weight approx. 0,60 g. Gold plated silver.
Choose the right size of the ear cuff, measure it according to the last picture DIMENSION A.

Choose between a polished smooth surface or a hammered surface.
The ear cuff is slightly adjustable for a perfect fitting.
Sold as a single piece.
Does not require pierced ear.

Last picture: How to wear an ear cuff.
To wear an ear cuff, start by slipping the cuff onto your upper ear where it's thinnest. Then, hold your ear taut while you slide the cuff down the outer rim of cartilage, rotating the cuff so it leans in slightly toward your inner ear. Try to position the cuff midway down, just below the top of your earlobe.

The ULTIMATE collection is inspired by both love for nature and human ear anatomy. This collection combines elementary geometric lines with freshwater pearls. The concept of pearl as a symbol of purity and beauty of nature is underlined by the use of 100% recycled silver. The ULTIMATE collection promotes a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Recycled silver is, in terms of its value, equal to 925/1000 sterling silver. However, the silver obtained in this way is environmentally friendly, because it is not produced by commercial mining, related damage of the landscape and labor in inhuman conditions. All this is emphasized by the use of recycled packaging.

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